Inside My Sister-in-LawChapter 22

YOON-AH comes back to Korea from studying abroad and moves in with her sister YOON-JUNG and brother-in-law, DO-IL. She seems innocent but provocative and DO-IL slowly starts to cross boundaries. "DO-IL I want to get to know you better if you know wha

Father’s LustChapter 83HOT

Yeon hee s family living in a dreadful but happy life in a dormitory s rooftop room. One day, the body of the mature daughter comes into the eyes of the new father. I deny my lust for my daughter, but my body does not listen…

King Of The NightChapter 48

An ordinary guy looking for a new place to live meets a mysterious ghost who used to be a legendary male escort. The ghost teaches him a special ability that reveals the status of all the girls, and the quest to become the king of the night begins.


A sexy married woman visits a struggling hypnotherapy clinic. She mistakes JEONG-TAE for her husband under hypnosis, and even asks for sex. Using this power He plans to get his first love back!

Goddess ConquestChapter 36HOT

Always getting taunted by women, "Woosuk" started working out in order to become a hot guy who's able to capture women's hearts. But one day, a female patron whose body was glistening with sweat from exercise approached Woosuk and asked "Want to grab

Welcome to Kids CafeChapter 29

Jae-ho, a part-time student forced to work in a Kid Cafe spent his difficult day with polarized mothers with the promise that his childhood friend will not tell him in front of his parents that he was having sex in his apartment with a certain girl.

Living With a MILFChapter 46

JUN-SUK moves to the city to attend college, and what welcomed him were the breasts of her mother's friend. Living with MI-YUNG, he finds it hard to control his urges whenever he's with the mature, sexy lady.

Banging My AuntChapter 57

He stole a pair of panties and was caught by his aunt, but to his surprise, she starts undressing in front of him instead of scolding him. “You can touch me all you want… It is a special lesson just for you…”

Billiard Room LoveChapter 32HOT

“How about a billiard bet with your sister?” The shabby billiard room in front of the university is crowded with men day and night, and the secret here is the hottest billiard room sister, and cute love! A sexy and exciting billiard bet with the hot

Coming to the MartChapter 22

"Give me this huge, thick banana~" JUN used to be the most successful buyer in the company, but after falling into a trap put by his rivals, he is accused of sexual harassment and is sent off to the countryside. However, there is still hope, and he w

It’s Okay Because We’re FamilyChapter 46HOT

Jeong Jin married a single mother with a young daughter. At first, he felt happy and made it feel like a real family, but he can't ignore his defenseless stepdaughter. Add to the fact, that his sister-in-law is also living together with them. How muc

The Neighborhood CelebrityChapter 48

Jihyuk, who started living alone with a strong ambition. From the beginning, he suffered a sad(?) accident that touched the chest of a woman in his neighbor's house and was filmed as a perv from the first meeting. Leaving upset behind, I'm looking at

Campus, TodayChapter 73

“I don’t have the confidence to put this in.” Gong Woo-joo, who suffered from a different size than others, became an SNS star in a day. Big size attracted to girls and the others. What is campus life today?

Hey, HandsomeChapter 66HOT

Park Young-hoon is a plastic surgeon avoided by his patients because of his ugly appearance. After having his heart crushed by the woman he had a crush on, he decides to change his life by undergoing full-body surgery.After the surgery, Young-hoon be

Wrath of the UnderdogChapter 28

Working as the apartment security, he had to put up with all sorts of abuse from its residents. One day, he comes across their secrets, and now the tables are turned! "You like spreading your legs in front of a loser?"

My Female Friend Who Crossed The LineChapter 61

“Damn it! Shall we try it?” With my friend of 7 years, Go Mi-woo, we watched a naughty movie together. And now we spread our legs in front of each other… How long will this close relationship last, after we crossed the line…

A Twisted DayChapter 70HOT

Ji-han, who has made a successful investment, bought three small suites and became a young landlord. Unexpectedly, he met yo nari from the same class in high school who used to bully him….

Erotic SchemeChapter 72

“I want to get rid of your pure facade and rip open your bare lust”. Hedonist Park Joon’s corruption plan to make her an immoral woman.

Not a friend – What do I call her as?Chapter 16

Christmas Eve, at the age of 21. "Geonwoo", who is single once again this year, didn't think much about his childhood friend, Haru's, suggestion of spending the eve together. "Do you remember when we said that we should help each other out if we are

Flying HighChapter 18HOT

Jeong Hyuk' prioritizes the part-time job that he starts tomorrow over love.From his tuition to his living expenses Jeong Hyuk, to whom love is a luxury, also had a first love he couldn't forget. He met her, whom he thought he'd never see again, once

APP for the Emperor of the NightChapter 33

MIN-JUN is a loser who only plays video games in his room, but his life completely changes when a mysterious app called "The World is Money and Women" is installed on his phone. Enter a world of Sex Fantasy', where he embarks on a quest of lust, mone

Drawing RomanceChapter 83

Chan-Woo finds it difficult talking to Sul-Hee, who always seems to be angry about something. However, what he says to her actually makes her heart beat like crazy! A sweet, romantic story of a young couple’s first love!

In My Sister in Law RawChapter 19

The sister-in-law 'Yoona', who came to Korea after finishing her studies abroad, lives with the 'Do-il' couple. 'Doyle' begins to cross the line little by little at the provocation of his younger sister-in-law, who is innocent but stimulates his hear

Secret Your Mom RawChapter 62.5HOT

Hae-Seong is boarding at her mother’s friend’s house. He thought he only had to study hard in school, but his gangsters were also doing well in dating. “Weren’t you just studying in the classroom?!”

Welcome To Kids Cafe RawChapter 33

Jae-ho, a part-time student at Kids Cafe, spends a difficult day every day at the backs of polarized mothers. Jae-ho's ray of light, 'So-Yul's mother'. She accidentally discovers that Soyul's mother, who used to play with her child, has raised her sk

Just Once RawChapter 15

A moon eclipse that does not stand for women once did. I met Chorom, a woman of fate, and I was having a happy day, but one day the symptoms reappeared. From that day on, lust and seduction for new women begin...

Like a Fox 2 RawChapter 16

You can meet them in meetings, at work, and on the street. Their sincere and deep story that you have never heard of.

Banging Mother And DaughterChapter 18

Discharged military officer and university student, Min-Guk finds himself living with his childhood friend and her mother after struggling to find a job and a place to live. the three of them are living a rather good life together, but things change

Charming Girl RawChapter 10

Joo-Woon has not yet forgotten the memories of her first love in high school, lives on a pink campus with her pretty, angelic girlfriend, Yuri, but always remembers her first love, Na-hee, and suffers from unexplained frustration. And Na-hee, a more

Solo LoginChapter 149

26-year-old Jung Si-woo never had any friends, because there was nothing interesting about him. He lived an average life as an average person in an average world. But suddenly, the earth faced a great change when Mysterious floating ‘Sky Castles’ app

Rainbow RawChapter 11

After being struck by lightning, the women's zones begin to appear! Women get wet as soon as Ok-hee touches them. "I can't stand it, put it on now!" By the way, each light color has a different feeling!? Fascinating events begin to happen in a small

Close FamilyChapter 22

Daeman' had been adopted into a rich family as a little boy but while they called him son, his life was no different than a servant's. His heart would pound whenever he saw Najeong', the only family member who was nice to him, even until he grew up t

Double LifeChapter 98

Sally’s 19 and an intern at an amusement park. At night she’s a hostess at a karaoke bar. Johnny is 14 years older than her. He’s fired and Sally is to blame herself. Sally tries to make amends by offering her “help” Can Johnny Resist this young girl

Are You Just Going To Watch?Chapter 41HOT

SUNG-JAE, a young university professor, can only find peace in the staff bathroom. One day he hears moaning coming from the stall next to him, and sees his beautiful student doing it through a hole "Don't just watch Come in"

Elf Who Likes To Be Humiliated RawChapter 48

The Lord of the Deharem family, Theorad bought an elf sex slave, as if he was hypnotized. However "You bought an elf as a sex slave?! Viscount, are you insane!?" He realized how scary of a being the elf he brought was after hearing these words Will T

Bad GuyChapter 43

What if you meet the bully who hurt you at school again? "I'm not gonna end it like this. I'll make you want me and have my revenge."

A Wonderful New World RawChapter 158

Ho-Seung, an unpopular office worker who works for one of the largest corporations in Korea, is crouched over like a sinner because he was accused of setting up a camera in the women’s bathroom. In the end, however, he was proven to be innocent. Then

Unlock Her Heart RawChapter 16

"Are you certain that you will choose the A cup over the D cup?".Like everyone else, I also had a solid plan for my life. However, I have been a spinster for 2 months, and working part-time at a convenience store shop is not really enjoyable. Until w

Sextudy Group RawChapter 39

I started studying to get close to my favorite senior. Sector D? A "special class" for Huyn-ho, a new university student, begins. "Come on, hold your waist. I'm going to stick it in here, got it?"

Bluetooth Love RawChapter 30

Because of the slow internet in my place these days, I changed the Wi-Fi password to avoid freeloading. From that day on, random porn videos that I'd never seen, are played on my TV "It's not even my video... Is this someone's real-time pairing?"

New Town RawChapter 57

"Teacher... Is it possible to add more classes?" A special class from study book teacher Himchan, who never gets quiet for a day because of married women in dense new towns.

Keep it a secret from your mother!Chapter 62.5HOT

Hae-Seong is staying at his mom’s friend’s house whose name is Yeona. He thought it would be enough study well at school but the top students are good at love too. “The classroom wasn’t only for studying…?!

Touching My Older Sister Under the TableChapter 57

A secret relationship with my older sister began with momentary joy and curiosity. On the other hand, there is my girlfriend with whom I also have a relationship

PeekChapter 9


MadamChapter 32

At the age of 13, Dolsoe, who blushed just looking at the youngest woman, soon grew up to be a strong young man. There is a different tension between the woman who has become more mature and beautiful and her childhood friend Yeoreum

One KillChapter 36

20 years after an unsolved mass murder case, a billionaire falls terminally ill and the only regret that he has is that he hasn’t killed enough. He calls upon his 17 offspring in order to play a game of ‘KILLS’, a popular mobile game… in real life.

Let it beChapter 39

Three years ago, Seoyoon broke up with her boyfriend of 10 years, Noah. Her past relationship left her traumatized, unable, and unwilling to go through such an experience again. But Noah, even after breaking up with her, stills loves her and wants th

Illicit LoveChapter 22

A perfect wife, a perfect workplace Nothing seemed more perfect than this. But my life started to be swayed after seeing that man. The thought of that bastard hugging my wife won't leave my head! So it's all your fault that I'm swayed!