Don’t Be Like This! Son-In-LawChapter 67

Yoo Aeran and Kim Jihoon started as a mother-in-law and son-in-law relationship. Despite the age of Aeran’s mid-40s, he is constantly drawn to her, who is very attractive, and their breathtaking cohabitation begins!

Dog on PatrolChapter 56 - The End

Follow Mr. H, a new security guard, in a luxury house as all of his sexual dreams come true.

Daddy’s Wild OatsChapter 81

Won-yeong’s feeling the pressure of family life. Newly unemployed and with a wife and three kids to support, the bills keep stacking up. What’s worse, he hasn’t gotten laid in over a year… Talk about stress! Nevertheless, as the sole breadwinner, he

Dimensional MercenaryChapter 216

Would you like to find a job? Even at the cost of your soul? If so, then you’ve found the right place. Our job hunting advice website, SoSe, is a site geared towards those willing to even sell their souls for employment; that’s right, people like you

Daughter In LawChapter 78

I just lost my son, but his bride-to-be, my almost daughter-in-law, is still living with me. What should I do?

Delivery ManChapter 55.5

A Chinese restaurant located in the Tokyo district. A pure young man, Kim Sang-ho’s day begins with a speedy delivery, and ends up with a speedy sex scene. The wife of the Chinese restaurant with excellent taste. Even the owner of a chicken restauran

DeceptionsChapter 73 - Epilogue

Na Bonggu’s a professional when it comes to pleasing women – which makes him the perfect host (ie. gigolo). After a night spent in a motel with a rich female client, he’s approached by someone he presumes is a female con-artist: Seulbi. Turns out Seu

DumpedChapter 52

Doesn’t it just suck when a guy you dumped comes back as a prize?

Drama in the OfficeChapter 34 - The End

A lot of things happen in the office. You think lying low and just doing your work will do the trick, but there’s always trouble stirring up somewhere.

DoridosimChapter 79.5 - Epilogue

With Kang Dol’s crush on Yang Yang growing larger and larger, he decides to confess his feelings. With his back turned against her, he makes a courageous confession. But when he opens his eyes and turns around, instead of Yang Yang, he finds Min Dosi

Delivery KnightChapter 89 - The End

While most people avoid the suffocating pollution covering the world… Deliverymen press on, so the citizens can get the packages they desperately need. They are known… as the Delivery Knights!

Drug CandyChapter 45

Reassigned and demoted at work. Add to that a broken marriage and Seunggu’s life is at an all time low. But along comes a smart and sassy girl by the name of Yura. Hard to resist and with no desire to resist, Seunggu slowly becomes addicted to the dr

Daughter FriendChapter 62

Si-Hoon is raising his daughter alone while living the life of an idol in the past and a composer now. He accidentally browses his daughter’s SNS and falls in love with his ideal girl. Then, one day, Si-Hoon crosses the line he shouldn’t be crossed b

Divine HandsChapter 50 - The End

Jane was the only one who lit up my dark past. Now it’s my turn to save her.

DaydreamChapter 40

Nana’s going crazy for sex. She might really be losing it!

Desperate MeasuresChapter 27 - The End

My wife’s new job as a posing model requires more than just posing?

Depths of HellChapter 30 - The End

It all happened so suddenly. I finally got to fulfill the fantasy I had with my wife’s friend and right now? Nothing matters. All that remains is hunger and pleasure.

Dangerous RoomiesChapter 30

Jim and Hanna have been best friends since they were kids. When suddenly life collides them together in one apartment, will their friendship be able to stand the test?

Dark MortalS2 - Chapter 3

Gangnam lost his parents in a fire, and the incident has blinded him. He wasn’t able to see anything except… a hallucination called Kkamjang. Is Kkamjang actually a hallucination or something more? ‘Your scars, your two eyes, and… even your strength!

Double TroubleChapter 28 - The End

Stan wakes up one day and meets his alter ego… How will he resolve this problem as he battles for his love and success…?

DIE, DAIChapter 66 - The End

Dai gets brutally bullied at school. One day, his mother gets killed. Although he may be weak, Dai seeks for revenge.

Deceit Snake’s TongueChapter 28

There are many laws that protect women from men… But what about when a man is wrongly accused for rape? Attorney Jerk Goff to the rescue!

Duchess DebaucheryChapter 55

Long neglected by her husband the Duke Antoure, Roxina decides to end their unhappy marriage. But knowing she will be forced into yet another loveless arrangement, Roxina makes a final deal with her husband to enjoy a brief period of sexual freedom i

Drawing RomanceChapter 83

Chan-Woo finds it difficult talking to Sul-Hee, who always seems to be angry about something. However, what he says to her actually makes her heart beat like crazy! A sweet, romantic story of a young couple’s first love!

Do It One More TimeChapter 73

A dissatisfied married couple is given a second chance at love and are transported back in time to the day they met. Will they get back together or find new loves?

Difficult ChoicesChapter 36

It all began with a simple question. “What would you do if you had a perfect, safe opportunity… to cheat?”

Domestic na KanojoChapter 277: Domestic Girlfriend-End

Natsuo Fujii is in love with his teacher, Hina. Attempting to forget his feelings towards her, Natsuo goes to a mixer with his classmates where he meets an odd girl named Rui Tachibana. In a strange turn of events, Rui asks Natsuo to sneak out with h

Drink You RawChapter 18

Shungiku, a tea shop clerk who has been sincerely and modestly, drinks too much due to nervousness at her sister's wedding. He woke up and was alone with a stranger in a hotel, and he was comforted by him. The next day, he meets the man he thought he

Domestication RawChapter 94


Double LifeChapter 98

Sally’s 19 and an intern at an amusement park. At night she’s a hostess at a karaoke bar. Johnny is 14 years older than her. He’s fired and Sally is to blame herself. Sally tries to make amends by offering her “help” Can Johnny Resist this young girl

Delivery of the DeadVol.1 Chapter 7: Memory Of The Dead Part 2 (End)

Welcome to a world where the undead can be purchased for a price to scratch whatever itch you’ve got. Be that sexual or otherwise, these girls have got you covered.

Dance Department’s Female SunbaesChapter 30

Tae-Ho, the only guy in the Dance Department, who has now become their slave, one day finds a strange pair of panties in the Dance room.

DisfiguredChapter 33 - The End

James and Belle, madly in love were living their happy lives until Zia came into the picture. Who will James choose? Follow the three on their journey in finding their true love.

Daddy's WorkingChapter 40

I never noticed this place existed… But I desperately needed to be comforted. Just what is this Daddy’s Room?

Dear My MotherChapter 19

Shun and his (step-) mom, Hitomi, do it in different places and in different ways. Story? Not much. Shun teases Hitomi, then they have fun sex, a lot. They’re supposed to be the same two from Scarlet Desire. In the end, there’s an unrelated chapter b

Dark Sea RawChapter 28

Deok-hee, who was on board Oh Ryong-ho to pay off her half-brother Jung Tae’s debt instead, was found to be a woman, unlike her plan to leave her hometown with the remaining money. The unstoppable greed of the rough men surrounding Deok-hee begins on

Do You Want To Combine? RawChapter 41


DISFARMINGEpilogue 2 - The End

Imagine waking up in a room with no memory of how you got there. All that's there with you is a bound and gagged girl. What would you do? Well for some people the choice is clear?

Doki Doki ConnectionChapter 29HOT

Because of the slow internet in my place these days, I changed the Wi-Fi password to avoid freeloading. From that day on, random porn videos that I'd never seen, are played on my TV "It's not even my video... Is this someone's real-time pairing?"

DallaeChapter 24.5 - Epilogue

Bo-eun has recently acquired a furry little roommate named Dallae (Korean for azalea), who she met in an azalea field. Dallae has her own schedule, though, and comes and goes as she pleases. Meanwhile, Bo-eun can’t seem to stop dreaming about a misse

Different DreamChapter 32

Having graduated from a prestigious university and promised to marry a beautiful, rich woman, I thought I had everything. But the moment I met my first love as a married woman again, I threw everything and wanted her to have it. Even if she became th

Dazzled By YouChapter 87

For Yeonsu, writing is all there is to life. Her workaholic tendencies prevent her from properly eating, sleeping, exercising…until one day, she wakes up and finds herself in a hospital room. A clear warning from the doctor about her physical health

Deviations Of The Day RawChapter 14

Darong is here~ Her secret hobby that no one knows A deviant woman is coming to make men flutter!!

Doumi RawChapter 102

Sally’s 19 and an intern at an amusement park. At night she’s a hostess at a karaoke bar. Johnny is 14 years older than her. He’s fired and Sally is to blame herself. Sally tries to make amends by offering her “help” Can Johnny Resist this young girl

Drawing RawChapter 67


Do Chokkyuu Kareshi x KanojoChapter 39

Meet Shinichi Honda and Mako Wakamiya. One’s a boy, and the other’s a girl. But both don’t hesitate to say exactly what’s on their mind IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

Dreaming : My Friend’s GirlChapter 32

Dreaming : My Friend’s Girl Manhwa – Summary Having graduated from a prestigious university and promised to marry a beautiful, rich woman, I thought I had everything. But the moment I met my first love as a married woman again, I threw everything and

Daddy's Girl RawChapter 30

Chang-gu hates Yumi, who came as a stepmother because of her heart for her mother. However, as she stays with her, the window where she feels like a woman other than her mother becomes a triangle with her dad.